Monday, January 23, 2012

End of the World Sale Campaign- Bulchee!

As it so happens, I'm now officially a visual merchandiser with Bulchee. Bulchee's having an end of the season sale, and there's stuff up for grabs at upto 50% off! I've checked out some of the stuff (ok, I'm lying- I've checked out ALLL bulchee product) and they are pretty whack! Here's a quick artwork I made for them- adapted into emailers, posters, hoardings, standees, etc. etc.

Background image purchased from Shutterstock
As of now, we're going insane with a jam-packed 3 month calender.. while I'm going to try to keep this blog as true as I can to graphic design alone, don't get queasy in case you start seeing some fashion stuff up here!

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