Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poster Design: Sao Joao Grind 2011

Poster time again! Like last year, I was asked to design this year's Sao Joao Grind in Goa, organized by Muzic Matters. With Tuborg as a sponsor, it's always a challenge to work with their format and do something fun and challenging with it. This time around, the confirmation that Tuborg will be a sponsor came in a little late, so I had to adapt the poster to the Tuborg template.

I decided to go with a carnival feel, since Sao Joao is essentially, a festival. I decided to integrate a few vital objects used in the celebrations; the flag ropes hung across streets, patterns from various masks, and wreaths worn around the head! I managed to add in a whole bunch of textures, and a little illustration in the style of my Claudia Cazacu illustration- only this time it isn't vector, it's in raster! Below are the two posters; one with the Tuborg template (the final one), and one without (the original). Also, I happened to come across pictures of the event with sections of the flyer used across, so I'll be posting a few of those as well! Big ups to the Muzic Matters team; the event was a huge success with some 700-odd people cannonball-ing into the pool at the Rivera De Goa!


Oh! And more news- my bay beat collective poster got featured on the coroflot member's gallery! I got a really nice mail from coroflot about it (even though it was automated, I suppose)- and felt happy to have it featured there! Here's a screenshot!


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