Friday, June 3, 2011

Poster Design: BASSfoundation + Dj Dev

Most of the work I do on the side (which is the stuff I put up here), constitutes of posters for various artists. Meghna Vakada of Bacchus asked me to design a poster for an upcoming event- Bassfoundation and DJ Dev at Bacchus @ F&B, Bangalore. Dev's Drum and Bass and Dubstep scene flies off what we call "The Drone Manifesto", and Bassfoundation takes pride in The New Delhi Junglist Movement. So I decided to go with a slightly vintage feel, using analogous colors and black. So vintage revolution stylization + high contrast colors + a hint of grunge it was!

Here's the final poster: 

If you're in Bangalore on the 4th of June, make sure to drop by. Will be a very fun night! All details are in the poster! :)

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