Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poster Design: Claudia Cazacu

Poster time again! With so much work at office and most of it under an NDA, I haven't been able to blog too much, but here it is, flyer design time, this time with the process- including the ups and downs from the client!

The brief was to create a poster for Claudia Cazacu, apparently the world's no.1 female DJ. Actually, the only female DJ to show up in the top 100 roster of DJ Mag's top 100 at no.93rd. Lol! Since I still have my freedom of expression, I'd say that's a typical case of "a big fish in an infinitesimal pond, but actually a small fry" syndrome! The only music noise I found her playing, which she described as "diverse"in an interview, was a bunch of noisy trance samples. I promise you, Annie Mac could show her music without even entering a console! I doubt CC's ever heard more than one sample of a bassline before, let alone creating some bassline magic.

Anyway, the brief stated that I use her press shots and logo, but since they didn't mention how, and I found that I wasn't too big a fan of the styling in the press shots, I decided to illustrate her in a very fashion-illustration style, using her press shots itself as the reference. Here's the process:

one of her press shots. I like the lighting, good makeup, brings out all her features, but the styling i felt was a little ridiculous and communicated nothing  about her being a dj.  Having played behind the console several times, I feel this is quite an objectification. But then again, could be she's a fan of fashion! :)

Using her image as a reference. 

A zoom-in of the strokes

One tip: always zoom into 2400& and clean up your end points, and keep the stroke with rounded corners, and no brush stroke. Makes life easier later.

Without cleaning up the vectors- a messy affair!

A real-time preview

Preview in outlines

By the time I was done, this is what my outline preview looked like!

The digital illustration. I liked the water-color feel I managed to create, after several attempts!

The final poster that I sent to her management:

And they didn't like it. Insisted they wanted her press shot. The Claudia Cazacu Font and the little rave-angel is her logo, so I couldn't do much about it. And below are the two versions I created with her press shot, the nicest of the lot! But finally I sent them the one without the diamond-esque background, and it got approved.

Now I'd like to know what you felt was better: the illustration or the photo? Is the art of poster-making dead in a world of press-shots, PR, and brand images for artists? What kind of a brand image should an artist have? Feel free to comment!

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  1. Hi. Though I am late in commenting. Le me tell you that many management have there own virtues and foolish dumb ass visions. They lack radical thinking and dynamic approach to the subject thus hampering the overall marketization of their own subject/products...