Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poster Design: Lots of Gig Posters!

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to post enough recently; I've got my first full-time job and I've been dedicating most of my daylight hours to the agency! But, I haven't stopped nurturing my love for posters, which was my starting point in world of design.

Here are some of the posters I've made over the past month, that you could have probably spotted!

Ali Wilson: Presented by Destiny of Sounds (I've had the chance to create the logo for DOS as well, the results are up there.), at Blue Frog, Mumbai

The above poster was actually a clean up job. The original poster was created by Ria Rajan and she wasn't available to work on some changes that needed to be made; so Meghna Vakada, the owner of Bacchus  at F&B asked me to step in.
Marcel Woods at Blue Frog, Mumbai. For Muzic Matters (once again, the logo was a much loved process to create)

Marcel Woods at SWG, Pune

The original flyer, without Marcel's photograph. The club insisted that I put in the photograph, and I wasn't too happy with that at all, considering marcel's photoshoot didn't exactly produce any pleasing shots. Sorry, Marcel.

The final flyer for Bangalore; Brute Force for Tuhin Mehta was the first logo I ever worked upon!

The Marcel Woods Tour Flyer!

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