Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inspired to Inspire: Light, Sound and Thought

While reading other blogs on design, fashion and pretty much everything under the sun, I feel that it's not enough just putting my process and work out here, but it's also important to take one step back and look at the things that inspire me. So, as a late-but-nevertheless new year's resolution, once a week I'll be publishing at least 3 images/objects/book-reviews/movie-reviews/blog-links/whatever that inspire me. That way, I'll have a handy, easy to access, ever-growing, and available to all collection of items of inspiration. At the same time, this acts as a personal exercise wherein I start using my camera again! Here go this week's 3i2i;

While going through some of my stuff, I suddenly saw sunlight filtering through my window, bounce of the floor and light up one side of my CK bottle. That, in turn made me think about packaging, and ways to use light to enhance packaging at all times. 

A gift from my parents for graduation, penguin's penguin 75. Paul Buckley curates this book showcasing 75 book cover designs by penguin; each with a little write up by either the designer, illustrator, art director, or the author. And in most delightful places, the designer's take vs. the author's take. My favorite section the 4 tattoo-inspired artworks for Bridget Jones's Diary (especially the "no emotional fuckwittage" inscribed into the front jacket cover tattoo), Money, The Broom of the System and Waiting for the Barbarians.

Found the sweetest little cherry-red clock piece in the stores; an interesting mix of contemporary form and old-school mechanisms; and at any given day, it's a pleasure to wake up to the annoying bell-ring from the alarm of this clock!

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