Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Branding and Identity Design: Fortuna Pet

Fortuna Pet is a company that manufactures PET (plastic) bottles for various food & beverage products. It's a family business that is based out of Bangalore; with new blood joining the family business, I was contacted by Neha Bafna for a web design project. While going through my portfolio, they decided that the company should get a completely new look in terms of branding and identity; and that had to be done before the website could be designed. The deadline for the entire project is on Feb 8th, so things are moving really really fast! I'm still looking out for someone to work with me on the website (the coding and the search engine optimization).

Here's the process;
(Above and Below) Some of the original hand sketches

Here's the final presentation. They liked the last logo option, which I'm kind of happy about; but because it's a whole family deciding, they've requested me to give three more options, but not put in too much work. Once they decide on the final, final, finalest logo, I'll move into developing the whole brand manual; and they've asked me to create the website as well. It's been quite some time since I've worked on any website- I usually like to run far far away from web design, but I guess at some point in time I have to come to terms with designing websites, and I'm sure if I put my heart to it, I'll be pretty good at it!

Here's the second set of quick options I developed for them based on their feedback:

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