Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Information Design: The Puranic Timelines

One very important part of my thesis project is the infographic of the puranic timeline. The hindu vedas and scriptures contain some of the most expansive timelines; after much analyzing of this content, I finally decided on various units from different metric systems that came together at various points, and visualized it. At every stage I had to think of the visualization at least 3 steps ahead, that would give me the capacity to simplify, unify, multiply and play around with various permutations and combinations to give me the end result: a graphic visualization of time, from the time taken for 6 celestial atoms to combine, to the lifespan of the universe.

The research:

Below is a low resolution image version of the process, closing on the final timeline, an excerpt from my graduation thesis documentation book, which I shall be putting up (in all it's entirety) soon. You can mail me for a high resolution (approx 65 MB) pdf format of the same; contact details in the previous post.

I shall be taking this forward post graduation and will be working on an independent new media exhibition (using my newfound love for QRcodes and QR code readers) that will soon be up on display and for sale as well. More on that post graduation.

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