Monday, January 10, 2011

Image Design: DJ Dev

DJ Dev is the resident DJ at Bacchus, India's premier alternative club. A highly versatile DJ who dabbles in many different genres of music- from funk to old-skool hip-hop, to house and techno- he's now focusing on Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Glitch. One of the fastest rising DJs in the country when it comes to DnB and Dubstep, I've had the change to handle his entire image design; right from photoshoots, to branding, to flyers, music artworks and various other collaterals.

The initial logo brief was directed more towards techno and progressive music; and had to showcase his versatility. I took a more edgy and crisp approach towards this, trying to integrate analog and digital, keeping in mind the various ways of playing out music to crowds. 

initial iterations

final logo

color variations

This logo found certain applications; 

After about 2 months of retaining this logo, Dev informed me of the fact that he was moving towards drum and bass and dubstep; genres very different from techno, and therefore, we felt the need to upgrade his identity before the previous one found popularity. This time he wanted to go with a more analog feel, retaining qualities of the old.

initial iterations

initial iterations

typography selection

final logo applications
Applications: CD Stickers

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