Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coming Up: Jan 9- Jan 15

Next week:

Accessory Design Suneita Narayana (Goa & Bangalore) is about to launch a limited edition range of shoes. Hand made and designed by her, there are 21 pieces available in all, made out of 8 kinds of fabric. She approached me to create a brand image for this line, and also to do the photoshoot and the catalogue design. Her brief was well, simple, and simple is the hardest. The line is known as "fuck me" and the communication style she wants is "completely over the top", "outrageous", and "a slap in the face". After luckily not too much of brainstorming, we settled with outrageously over the top and bold, the basic concept remaining the same as the shoes ,"FM". 

Suneita at her flea market store in Goa, India; notice her wearing the "fuck me" shoes

Next week, a detailed post on the process of the branding and identity, the moodboard, the photoshoot, and the catalogue.

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