Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Collaterals: Business Cards for Self!

It's almost time for my graduation exhibition; many design studios, agencies and potential clients will be visiting and checking out the student work that will be put up, and (hopefully) there's going to be a decent amount of recruitment happening. For the exhibition, I had to design my own business cards, and the hardest thing I find is to design for myself. I couldn't my own logo in this case, since it's a part of my graduation thesis project. Also, there are going to be almost 80 students showcasing their work; I figured my card had to stand out (amongst all those cards, all of which compete with each other) and at the same time, effectively communicate who I am and what I do; and how to get in touch with me. 

I'm now a visual communication and new media designer, so I figured the most fun way for me to display both sets of skills would be to use new media in an interesting print format. I decided to use QR codes, pre-coded with functions, so that anyone with a smartphone (Blackberry, Nokia, Android, iPhone enabled with a qr reader) could simply scan the code and the phone would directly mail me/call me/ go to my blog, coroflot or website. This gives me the freedom to have a visual variety in my cards, and makes them fun to use. Keeping in mind that not everyone would be equipped with a smartphone, the other side of the card holds my information in text.

The size of the card is 5.5x5.5 cm, the height of a standard business card so it can easily go into holders, but at the same time, a square format for many reasons- it stands out, it's a format I've always had, and it financially more feasible, being a fresh graduate.

A quick screenshot of one of the iterations:

qr code iterations

The final cards, however, were selected on the basis of the actual working of the QR code:

Update: Got them printed, this is what they look like! Straight from the printers, they still smell inky-fresh. I'm not carrying my camera, so will have to make do with photobooth!

my inky-fresh visiting cards
You can come by my thesis exhibit and test one of them for yourself starting tomorrow, noon on. Freedom Park (the old central jail), just off anandrao circle, Bengaluru. The exhibition will be on till Monday, so if you have a few minutes free this weekend and are looking at checking out some student work, do drop by.

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  1. Sounds like a good Business Idea... I think you should go for it in full swing!