Monday, January 31, 2011

Branding and Identity Design: Fuck You Shoes

Here's the identity process for Fuck You shoes. Sunieta described the identity as "bold, girly, and distinct". I decided to do a purely typographic identity that could be filled with various textures to give the identity distinct flavors. I started out with various san-serif fonts, at one stage working with eroded and army fonts, working with angles within the text, textures and colors; finally juxtaposing the bold shapes of DeLarge with the floral and nouveau details of Ruritana, which Suneita selected. Following this, I found out that I had to change "Me" to "You", and started working more with the layout and alignment of the letterforms.

Now comes the fun part: Developing a treatment style for the images from the photoshoot, and applying the logo onto them! Stay tuned, I'll be updating this post as and by I keep on wrapping work up!

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