Monday, January 3, 2011

Branding and Identity Design: DJ Abrol

In mid-october, I was contacted by Deepankar Abrol,a DJ based out of Detroit, MI, to create a visual identity for him. The briefing went as follows:

I am a DJ based out of Detroit, MI ( and looking to get a Logo designed for myself what could be used for my website, t-shirts, laptop cover, flyers, twitter avatar, facebook etc. I want something contemporary what people can relate to and makes good BRAND IMAGE for promoting myself in the local scene. Check some of these websites for Dj's who have their logos done and they look superb. I am not sure if these are Vector Logos, but please advise on the concepts; (Check the BF Logo)

I was pleasantly surprised to find Tu's logo on the list; The BF logo is my 3-year old baby. It took me 11 months (2 hours every day), and countless conversations with Tuhin, brooding over concepts, imagery, and songs to derive that logo. One of my greater successes, the Brute Force logo has since been used in countless applications!

Back to Abrol; after listening to his music and trying to define the vibe to the techno he plays  for over a month, I pretty much had a clear idea of the visual iconography and aesthetic sensibility I wanted to start from, so I skipped my usual hand sketches routine and went straight to Illustrator. And here was the process;

The final presentation that I sent to Deepankar, contained the following two options, of which he picked the first. Ah! Happiness, I was somewhere deep down hoping he would pick that one! Find details of the logo at my coroflot project set.

The nice part about this, was that in the process of certain iterations, I was able to create a logo for DJ Dev as well!

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